Portofino, the pearl of the Mediterranean, is a small village remained unchanged over the years.
The village,once seen as a fortified citadel,here instead is expressed in all its vitality: a kaleidoscope of colors and flavors. Its multicolored houses high and narrow,arranged around the bay, their characteristic aspect, the vegetation that surrounds creates an extraordinary visual impact, you can breathe a scent of the sea, berries and flowers.

Acqua di Portofino with the fragrance for woman Borgo captures the soul of Portofino.

Borgo is a higly original mix of accords that,whit the delicate and fruity note of Visciola,a particular wild cherry typical of the Portofino area, and the Pitosforo butter-bush, the theme of Acqua di Portofino as dominant flavor typical of the village,creates an elegant and sophisticated bouquet for dynamic and charming woman.


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